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Our Studio Sheds are not just ordinary structures; they are bespoke sanctuaries designed to cater to a myriad of purposes. Whether you're an artist seeking a tranquil retreat to ignite your creativity, a professional in need of a serene home office to boost productivity, or a hobbyist looking for the perfect workshop or hobby room, our Studio Sheds are tailored to fulfill your needs.

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Prebuilt and Delivered

Our custom sheds are crafted with precision and care to match your specific design preferences. Once you’ve created your ideal shed using our intuitive design tools, we pre-build it to your exact specifications, ensuring every detail is as you envisioned. When it’s ready, we deliver it directly to your location, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience from design to installation.

For those in need of a quicker solution, we also offer a selection of ready-made sheds available for immediate purchase. These sheds are designed with the same attention to quality and craftsmanship as our custom options, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on excellence. Whether you choose a custom design or a ready-made shed, you can trust that you’re receiving a high-quality, durable product that meets all your storage needs.

We deliver throughout Alberta, Eastern BC, and Western SK, offering FREE delivery for the first 70km from our nearest dealership yard. Beyond this, a charge of $3 per KM applies. Please contact us for our dealership locations and more information.

We offer more than just studio sheds, we also specialize in garages, cabins, utility sheds, garden sheds, horse sheds, wood sheds, and more!

Customize your shed with a dormer package, only available for our sheds.

The Advantage of Having a Backyard Studio Shed

Crafted with the perfect balance of privacy, convenience, and inspiration, these Studio Sheds serve as a testament to our commitment to enhancing your living experience. Positioned conveniently in your own backyard, they stand as a beacon of creativity and efficiency, offering you the unique opportunity to blend work-life balance seamlessly into your daily routine.

Dive into the world of Studio Sheds and discover how they can transform your space into an oasis of creativity and productivity.

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Studio Shed Package Includes

Dive into our selection of studio shed packages, where each structure is engineer certified, combining quality, safety, and functionality. Our range includes various studio shed sizes, from a convenient 8’x 10′ to a spacious 16’x40′, designed to cater to all your storage needs. With an emphasis on durability and usability, these sheds are perfect for enhancing the functionality of any outdoor space.

Explore the options to find the ideal shed that aligns with your requirements
  • 6’3″ Standard Inside Wall Height {May Upgrade to up to 8′}
  • Single Barn Door {Double Barn Door on 10′ Wide and Over}
  • 16″ on Centre Pressure Treated Floor Joists
  • 2×4 Pressure Treated Floor Joists Standard {2×6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists Standard on 14′-16′ Wide}
  • 5/8″ Engineered Tongue and Groove, Engineered Panels {May Upgrade to 3/4″}
  • LP Smart Board Siding {with 50 Year Limited Warranty}
  • 13 Standard {Plus 5 Urethane Upgrade} Colour Options
  • 5/8” T1-11 Pressure Treated Siding Option {Limited Lifetime Warranty}
  • 5/12 Pitch Gable-Style Roof
  • Choice of Metal Roofing {With 30 Year Limited Warranty} 6 Standard {Plus 12 Upgrade} Colour Options
  • Choice of Shingle Roofing {With 30 Year Limited Warranty} 4 Colour Options

Customer Benefits

  • Engineered Alberta Approved Construction
  • Optimize Wall Space for Storage Without Incurring Additional Costs
  • Every Shed Delivered Fully Prepared for Immediate Use
  • 50 Year Maintenance Free Siding
  • 30 Year Metal or Shingle Roofing
  • Specially Designed Flooring
  • Custom Colour Match Available {Match Your Utility Shed to Your Home/Yard Design}
  • Custom Add on )ptions {Doors, Windows, Lofts, Workbenches, Shelving, etc}
  • Deliver Throughout Alberta, Eastern BC, and Western SK – the first 70km from our Nearest Dealership Yard is FREE {please contact us for our dealership locations}

Construction Details

Below are the details of our portable Studio Shed Package, featuring only the finest quality materials sourced from Old Hickory Buildings of Canada.

Studio Shed Framing:  Engineered 2×4 studs are spaced every 16″ on centre.  We double the wall studs wherever our siding has a seam so that both sections of siding will have a full stud width to be fastened to.  Exterior walls are sheeted with Premium LP Smart Panel Siding, then painted with high quality paint designed especially for the outdoor shed industry.
Studio Shed Roofing:  Trusses are spaced ever 24″.  The roof  is then sheeted with OSB roof sheeting and then sheeted with 30-year 29 gauge high quality metal roofing or residential grade architectural shingles.

Studio Shed Flooring:  4×6 pressure through treated skids that are notched at 16″ on centre to ensure consistent floor joist spacing. Recessing and toenailing the joists in the notches lock them in place ensuring the shed can be loaded, unloaded, and moved repeatedly without any warping of the floor system.

We use  2×4 pressure treated floor joists {2×6 on 14′ wide and over}.  The floor is then sheeted with 5/8″ {may upgrade to 3/4″} tongue and groove, engineered panels, which provide exceptional strength and stiffness for a flatter, more stable floor.  Advanced resins are moisture resistant.

Portable Buildings of Alberta - Studio Shed

Want to Custom Design Your Shed?

Experience the creativity and precision with Old Hickory’s 3D Shed Builder. It puts the design process in your hands, enabling you to create the shed of your dreams.

Unlike other brands that rely on generic third-party configurators, their tool ensures that the shed you design is the one we meticulously build and deliver, giving you confidence in the accuracy and quality of the final product. All of our materials are sourced directly through Old Hickory Buildings.

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Our Studio Sheds – In Real Life

See how people use their Portable Buildings of Alberta Studio Sheds and discover ways you can use yours!

Studio Sheds FAQ'S

What is a Studio Shed?

What is a Studio Shed?

A studio shed is a versatile, detached structure that can be built in a backyard or other outdoor space, designed to serve various purposes. It is typically smaller than a traditional house or garage but offers a functional, customizable space that can be tailored to an individual’s specific needs.  A shed can be put on a fixed foundation or something can be built for it to rest on.  Our sheds all have the same standard regardless of size.

A studio shed can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  1. Home office: Many people use these sheds as dedicated workspaces or as a backyard office, separate from the main living space, providing a quiet and focused environment for remote work or running a small business.
  2. Art or music studio: Artists and musicians often convert a studio shed into creative spaces, where they can work on their projects without disturbing other household members.  Studio space is a great idea for backyard studios or even a garden studios.  An Art space could also be a nice backyard retreat.
  3. Home gym: A studio shed can be equipped with fitness equipment, creating a private workout space that eliminates the need for gym memberships.
  4. Guest room or rental space: A studio shed can be transformed into a cozy extra room or a rental space, offering additional accommodation for visitors or generating extra income through platforms like Airbnb.
  5. Workshop or hobby room: A backyard studio shed can serve as dedicated spaces for woodworking, gardening, crafts, or other hobbies, providing a place to store tools and materials while keeping the main living area clutter-free.
  6. Meditation or workout studio: Some people use their studio shed as serene spaces for meditation, or other wellness practices, creating a peaceful retreat within their property.

These sheds can be built from various materials, including wood, metal, or even recycled shipping containers. They can be purchased prefabricated or custom-built to suit an individual’s preferences and requirements.  A studio shed may feature custom design, insulation, heating, and cooling systems, electricity, and internet connectivity, making them comfortable and functional spaces year-round. The design of the shed can also be custom from a vaulted roof to a flat roof, a custom ad on porch as well as adding on a dormer package.

In summary, a studio shed is a versatile, detached structure that can be customized to serve various purposes, such as an extra office to work from home, art studio, guest room, workshop and allow for extra storage space. It provides a dedicated space for work or hobbies, separate from the main living area, and can enhance the functionality and value of a property.

Portable Buildings of Alberta also has utility sheds, which can offer a variety of other functions.

How Big is a Studio Shed?

How Big Is a Studio Shed?

The size of a studio-type shed can vary greatly depending on its intended use, the available space in your yard, and your personal preferences. Some common sizes for these sheds are:

  1. Small: 8×10 feet, 10×10 feet, or 10×12 feet – These compact sheds are suitable for small yards or when the intended use does not require a lot of space, such as a home office, storage area, or small workshop.
  2. Medium: 12×16 feet, 12×20 feet, or 14×20 feet – Medium-sized sheds provide more room for various purposes, such as a larger home office, backyard office, garden studio, art or music studio, or home gym.
  3. Large: 16×24 feet, 20×20 feet, or larger – A Large studio shed will offer ample space for multiple uses, like an extra room or rental space, a spacious workshop, or a combination of different functions.  Larger sheds will also generally give you more natural light, more interior finishes, and more space for storage.

Keep in mind that these are just some examples, and studio sheds can be built in virtually any size to accommodate your specific needs. When choosing the size of your shed, consider the intended use, the available space in your yard, local zoning regulations, and any potential future needs. It’s essential to ensure that the chosen size allows for comfortable use of the space, while also complying with any building codes and regulations in your area.

In addition, you may want to consider the interior layout and design to optimize the available space efficiently. Built-in storage solutions, foldable or multifunctional furniture, and thoughtful organization can make even a smaller shed feel spacious and functional.

What are the Key Features of a Studio Shed?

Key Features of a Studio Shed

  1. Flexibility and Personalization: Studio sheds offer a blank canvas that can be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. They can be designed and configured according to your desired layout, size, and functionality, allowing you to create a space that perfectly aligns with your creative or professional requirements.
  2. Separate Work/Personal Space: Studio sheds provide a dedicated backyard office space separate from the main living areas of your home. This separation helps create a clear boundary between work and personal life, enabling better focus, productivity, and work-life balance. Backyard offices mean no long commute to and from work but still having a separate space from your home.
  3. Privacy and Quiet: Being located in your backyard, studio sheds provide a quiet and peaceful environment away from household distractions. This seclusion allows for enhanced concentration and creativity, making them ideal for artistic pursuits or focused work.
  4. Natural Light and Inspiring Surroundings: Studio sheds can be designed with ample windows or skylights to let in natural light, creating a bright and uplifting workspace. Additionally, being surrounded by nature in your backyard can be a great source of inspiration and tranquility, fostering creativity and a positive working environment.
  5. Cost-Effective and Space-Efficient: Compared to traditional home extensions or renting external office spaces, studio sheds can be a more cost-effective solution. They make efficient use of available backyard space without the need for significant construction or renovation, providing a dedicated workspace without major disruptions to your home.
  6. Increased Property Value: Well-designed and well-maintained studio sheds can add value to your property. They are seen as desirable features for potential buyers, offering additional usable space and the flexibility to accommodate various lifestyle needs.

Roof Options

When it comes to selecting the ideal roofing material for your portable building studio shed, the choice between metal and shingle roofs is a pivotal one, influencing both aesthetics and functionality. Metal roofing offers durability and longevity, ensuring that your studio shed remains weather-resistant and low-maintenance for years to come. Its sleek, modern appearance can complement a contemporary design. On the other hand, shingle roofs provide a classic and timeless look, often blending seamlessly with traditional or rustic styles. They offer good insulation and noise reduction properties, making your studio shed a comfortable and quiet space to work in.

Ultimately, your decision hinges on your personal preferences, budget, and the desired aesthetic for your creative haven. Whether you opt for the sleek modernity of metal or the timeless charm of shingles, both choices can enhance the functionality and appeal of your portable studio shed, in the end, both are a great option.

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