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Kids Playhouse

In the world of childhood imagination and outdoor adventures, kids’ playhouses hold a special place. These miniature sanctuaries, often nestled in the backyard, become secret hideaways where young minds embark on magical journeys of make-believe.

At the heart of crafting these enchanting spaces, Portable Buildings of Alberta takes centre stage, offering top-quality sheds that serve as the canvas for the perfect kids’ hideaway. These structures are more than just wooden walls; they’re gateways to a world of creativity, where children’s dreams and adventures take flight.

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Prebuilt and Delivered

Our custom sheds are crafted with precision and care to match your specific design preferences. Once you’ve created your ideal shed using our intuitive design tools, we prebuild it to your exact specifications, ensuring every detail is as you envisioned. When it’s ready, we deliver it directly to your location, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience from design to installation.

For those in need of a quicker solution, we also offer a selection of ready-made sheds available for immediate purchase. These sheds are designed with the same attention to quality and craftsmanship as our custom options, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on excellence. Whether you choose a custom design or a ready-made shed, you can trust that you’re receiving a high-quality, durable product that meets all your storage needs.

We deliver throughout Alberta, Eastern BC, and Western SK, offering FREE delivery for the first 70km from our nearest dealership yard. Beyond this, a charge of $3 per KM applies. Please contact us for our dealership locations and more information.

We offer more than just kids playhouses, we also specialize in garages, cabins, garden sheds, horse sheds, she sheds, offices, workshops, wood sheds, and more!

Customize your shed with a dormer package, only available for our sheds.

Contact us for further details and to receive a personalized quote tailored to your specific playhouse needs.


The Advantages of Having a Kids Playhouse

A backyard kids’ playhouse brings a plethora of benefits, significantly enriching children’s developmental journey and enhancing family life. Such a space encourages kids to engage in outdoor play, steering them away from screens towards physical activities that are crucial for their health and motor skills development.

It acts as a canvas for their imagination, fostering creativity, problem-solving abilities, * and emotional intelligence through imaginative play. Additionally, a playhouse serves as an excellent platform for children to learn vital social skills like sharing, cooperation, and conflict resolution by playing together. It also instills a sense of ownership and responsibility in them, teaching valuable lessons in organization and personal care.

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And when the time comes that a child outgrows a kid playhouse shed, there are many other exciting possibilities to explore. These versatile structures from Portable Buildings of Alberta can transform seamlessly into a studio shed, providing a serene space for creative endeavors like painting or writing. Alternatively, they can serve as a utility shed, a great place to keep your outdoor equipment and tools neatly organized.

If you’re in need of a dedicated workspace, these sheds make for cozy and convenient office spaces, allowing you to work from home while still enjoying a separate, tranquil environment. And for those looking to prioritize health and fitness, why not turn your former kids’ playhouse into a compact home gym? The options are as limitless as your imagination when it comes to repurposing these sheds, ensuring they continue to serve your family’s evolving needs.

Playhouse Package Includes

Dive into our selection of playhouse packages, where each structure is engineer certified, combining quality, safety, and functionality. Our range includes various playhouse sizes, from a convenient 8’x 10′ to a spacious 16’x40′, designed to cater to all your playhouse needs. With their robust construction and thoughtful design, these playhouses ensure lasting enjoyment and utility, making them an essential feature for any family seeking to maximize the enjoyment and functionality of their backyard.

Explore the options to find the ideal shed that aligns with your requirements
  • 9 Lite Window Walk-in Door with Locking System
  • 4’ Porch {Included in Total Length of Building}
  • 2 Porch Support Posts
  • 3 2’x3’ Single Pane Windows with Screens and Sliders
  • Utility Style Playhouse has 8’ Walls
  • Playhouse Flooring {16” on Centre Floor Joists}
  • LP Smart Board Siding {with 50 Year Limited Warranty}
  • 13 Standard Colour Options {Plus 5 Urethane Upgrade Options}
  • Metal Roofing {with 30 Year Limited Warranty}
  • 6 Standard Colour Options {Plus 12 Upgrade Options}
  • Shingled Roofing {4 Colour Options}
  • Engineer Certified
  • Playhouse Sizes {Available up to 16’x40’}

Customer Benefits

  • Engineered Alberta Approved Construction
  • Optimize Wall Space for Storage Without Incurring Additional Costs
  • Every Shed Delivered Fully Prepared for Immediate Use
  • 50 Year Maintenance Free Siding
  • 30 Year Metal or Shingle Roofing
  • Specially Designed Flooring
  • Custom Colour Match Available {Match Your Utility Shed to Your Home/Yard Design}
  • Custom Add on Options {Doors, Windows, Lofts, Workbenches, Shelving, etc}
  • Deliver Throughout Alberta, Eastern BC, and Western SK – the first 70km from our Nearest Dealership Yard is FREE {please contact us for our dealership locations}

Construction Details

Below are the details of our portable Playhouse Shed Package, featuring only the finest quality materials sourced from Old Hickory Buildings of Canada.

Playhouse Framing:  Engineered 2×4 studs are spaced every 16” on centre. We double the wall studs wherever our siding has a seam, so that both sections of siding will have a full stud width to be fastened to. Exterior walls are sheeted with Premium LP Smart Panel Siding, then painted with high quality paint designed especially for the outdoor shed industry.

Playhouse Roofing:  Rafters are spaced every 24”. The roof is then sheeted with OSB roof sheeting and then sheeted with 30-year 29 gauge high quality metal roofing or residential grade architectural shingles.

Engineered Flooring:  Playhouse Shed flooring construction includes 4’x6’ pressure treated skids that are notched at 16” on centre to ensure consistent floor joist spacing.  Recessing and toenailing the joists in the notches lock them in place ensuring the shed can be loaded, unloaded, and moved repeatedly without any warping of the floor system.

We use 2×4 pressure treated floor joist.  {2×6 on 14’ wide and over}  The floor is then sheeted with 5/8 tongue and groove, engineered panels, which provides exceptional strength and stiffness for a flatter, more stable floor.  Advanced resins are moisture resistant.

May also upgrade to ¾” tongue and groove panels.

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Want to Custom Design Your Playhouse?

Experience the creativity and precision with Old Hickory’s 3D Shed Builder. It puts the design process in your hands, enabling you to create the shed of your dreams.

Unlike other brands that rely on generic third-party configurators, their tool ensures that the shed you design is the one we meticulously build and deliver, giving you confidence in the accuracy and quality of the final product. All of our materials are sourced directly through Old Hickory Buildings.

Design My Playhouse

Kids Playhouse FAQ'S

What is a Kids Playhouse?

What is a Kids Playhouse?

A kid’s playhouse is a small structure, typically designed for indoor or outdoor use, where children can engage in imaginative and creative play. These playhouses often resemble a small home or cottage and are equipped with doors, windows, and sometimes even furniture or play appliances.

kids playhouses can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, or even cardboard. They can come in many different styles, from simple and rustic designs to extravagant and themed ones, like a pirate ship or a princess castle.

Outdoor playhouses provide a space for children to engage in pretend play, which is important for their cognitive and social development. They can pretend to cook, clean,, play shop, host parties, or whatever else they can imagine, fostering creativity and role-playing skills. They can also learn about social roles and responsibilities and can practice interacting with others in a social setting.

Additionally, outdoor playhouses can serve as a fun, safe place for children to play outdoors, encouraging them to spend time in nature and be physically active.

What is a Good Age for a Kids Playhouse?

What is a Good Age for a Kids Playhouse?

The appropriate age for a kids playhouse can vary depending on the design and features of the playhouse. Generally, children as young as 2 years old can start enjoying playhouses, especially those designed with safety features for younger children, such as rounded corners, sturdy construction, and doors or windows that can’t pinch fingers.

However, children between the ages of 3-6 years old often get the most enjoyment out of outdoor playhouses because this is the age when imaginative and pretend play really start to take off. At this age, children are usually capable of safely navigating the playhouse and utilizing its features, and they are also able to engage in more complex imaginative scenarios.

It’s important to keep in mind that supervision is always recommended when young children are playing in a playhouse, particularly if the playhouse includes features like a ladder, slide, or second floor. Always check the manufacturer’s age and safety guidelines before allowing your child to play in a playhouse.

Ultimately, a good playhouse can continue to be a fun and imaginative space for children even as they grow older. Some older children and pre-teens still enjoy using outdoor playhouses as a space to play, read, or simply spend some quiet time.

How Big Should a Kids Playhouse Be?

How Big Should a Kids Playhouse Be?

The size of a kids playhouse can vary greatly depending on the age of the child, the available space, and the intended use of the playhouse. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. For Toddlers (ages 2-4): A smaller playhouse is typically sufficient. Something in the range of 4 feet by 4 feet can provide enough space for them to move around comfortably. The height of the playhouse should also be considered, with most toddler-specific playhouses standing about 4 feet tall.
  2. For Pre-school and School-age Kids (ages 4-8): As children get older, they tend to enjoy larger playhouses that can accommodate more elaborate pretend play scenarios. A playhouse that is about 6 feet by 6 feet or larger can give them plenty of room. In terms of height, a playhouse that is around 5-6 feet tall should be sufficient.
  3. For Older Kids (ages 8 and up): Some older kids still enjoy outdoor playhouses, especially if they have been designed to grow with the child. For these children, consider a larger structure (possibly with multiple levels) that could serve as a playhouse, reading nook, or even a quiet homework space. These can be 8 feet by 8 feet or larger and may be up to 8-10 feet tall.

Remember, the size of the playhouse should also take into account the available outdoor space in your backyard or indoor space. Always make sure there is enough space around the playhouse in your backyard for safe entry, exit, and play.

Also, consider the number of children who will be using the playhouse at the same time, and or if other family members, friends or adults will be using it.

Finally, you should always check with local zoning laws or homeowner association rules to ensure that the size of the playhouse complies with any regulations, particularly for larger outdoor structures.

What Outdoor Furniture Should you have with a Kids Playhouse?

What Outdoor Furniture Should you have with a Kids Playhouse?

Outdoor furniture for children and their playhouses can enhance the play experience and encourage more imaginative play and more fresh air. Here are some ideas:

  1. Picnic Table or Patio Set: A small picnic table or patio set that is appropriately sized for children can be a great addition. Kids can pretend to have meals, tea parties, or even do arts and crafts.
  2. Chairs or Benches: Small chairs or benches can provide a place for children to sit and relax. They can be placed inside the playhouse if there’s enough room, or outside.
  3. Hammock or Swing: If the playhouse is sturdy enough and designed to accommodate it, a hammock or swing can be a fun addition.
  4. Gardening Tools and Planters: If you have space, consider adding some child-sized gardening tools and planters. This can encourage kids to learn about nature and take care of their own little garden.
  5. Play Grill or Kitchen: For added pretend play, consider a play grill or kitchen set. This can be used for imaginary cookouts or picnics.
  6. Sand or Water Table: A sand or water table can provide additional sensory play opportunities. These are usually placed near the playhouse but outside to minimize mess.
  7. Outdoor Rugs: An outdoor rug can help define the play space and make it feel more like a real home.
  8. Storage Boxes or Bins: These can be used to store toys and keep the playhouse tidy. Look for ones that are weather-resistant if they’re going to be kept outside.
  9. Decorations: Consider adding decorations like wind chimes, bird feeders, or even outdoor fairy lights (use with supervision) to personalize the space.

Remember to choose furniture that is durable and designed for outdoor use. Always supervise children during playtime, especially when they’re using furniture or equipment that could potentially tip over or cause accidents.

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