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Unsure of how to begin? Entrust the interior design of your shed to us. With a wide array of options available, we’ve got you covered.

From Foundation to Finish – seamless solutions for ready-to-live spaces.

We offer complete peace of mind by providing all the services and materials needed to finish your shed. From acquiring your shed to delivering a fully completed interior, ready for immediate occupancy!


We specialize in providing comprehensive electrical installation services for your shed, ensuring it is fully equipped to meet your needs.


We offer comprehensive insulation services, including the underside of floors, ceilings, and walls, ensuring a cozy and energy-efficient space.


Elevate your space with our high-quality tongue and groove products for a seamless finish on walls and ceilings


Enhance your shed with our engineered floor panels, offering durability and stability for a long-lasting, beautiful finish.


We offer specialized plumbing services for your shed, including installation and maintenance of water lines, drainage systems, and fixtures.

Electrical Installation

Our expert team handles everything from the initial wiring to the final fixture installation, offering a seamless solution for lighting, outlets, and power supply.

Whether you’re looking to transform your shed into a workshop, a cozy retreat, or a functional storage space, we guarantee a safe, efficient, and reliable electrical setup tailored to your specifications.

Portable Buildings of Alberta - Electrical Installation
Portable Buildings of Alberta - Insulation Installation

Insulation Solutions

Our shed construction services include insulation solutions designed to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. By insulating the underside of the floor, as well as the ceiling and walls, we ensure that your shed remains comfortable throughout the year, protecting against extreme temperatures and reducing energy costs.

Our insulation process uses high-quality materials that not only enhance the thermal performance of your shed but also contribute to soundproofing, creating a quiet and serene space. Whether you’re using your shed as a workshop, home office, or retreat, our insulation services are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring a cozy and efficient environment.


We offer premium engineered floor panels as a foundation option for your shed, ensuring a robust and stable base for any use. These panels are meticulously crafted from multiple layers of wood and wood composites, providing unparalleled durability and resistance to moisture and temperature variations.

Ideal for transforming your shed into a workshop, office, or cozy retreat, our engineered floor panels deliver a seamless installation process and a superior finish. Their advanced construction not only promises longevity but also enhances the overall value and functionality of your shed, making it a smart, stylish choice for your outdoor space.

Portable Buildings of Alberta - Engineered Floor Panels
Portable Buildings of Alberta - Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove

We’re thrilled to showcase our exceptional Tongue and Groove Products, crafted to enhance your shed’s appeal. Our belief is that integrating these products into your shed provides numerous benefits, ensuring a lasting improvement to your space.

Our products are constructed from precision-engineered, high-quality tongue and groove boards that interlock perfectly, ensuring a sturdy and seamless finish for your project.

Tongue and Groove Features

01. Interlock Design

The interlocking design of our tongue and groove products, whether VJOINT or PENNY GAP, offers enhanced durability and stability, resulting in an interior that is not only visually appealing but also built to last.

02. Slick Surface Finish

Our tongue and groove products boast a smooth, sleek and visually appealing surface finish.

03. Minimal Maintenance

You can say goodbye to time-consuming and costly maintenance. The slick surface finish not only adds an attractive touch but also makes cleaning a breeze. A simple wipe-down is all it takes to keep your shed looking pristine.

Portable Buildings of Alberta - Tongue and Groove (6) Portable Buildings of Alberta - Tongue and Groove (4)
Portable Buildings of Alberta - Tongue and Groove (1)
Portable Buildings of Alberta - Tongue and Groove (2)
Portable Buildings of Alberta - Tongue and Groove (4)
Portable Buildings of Alberta - Tongue and Groove (5)
Portable Buildings of Alberta - Tongue and Groove (3)

Shed Inspiration

We at Portable Buildings of Alberta want you to have a pleasant experience right from your first thoughts of owning a building to having is set up in your own yard, ready for use.  Therefore we have worked hard to supply you with a One Stop Shop!

We have collaborated with local businesses and have made it possible for your building to be completed with plumbing, electrical, and interior finishing, ready to be delivered and occupied.

Please browse our gallery for interior designs and ideas.  We are also always available to draw up a plan to suit your needs as well.

Portable Buildings of Alberta - Outdoor Shed Gym

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Turn Your Shed into a Home Gym

Personalized Fitness Space

Utilizing a shed as a home gym allows for the creation of a personalized fitness environment tailored to your specific workout preferences and goals. This dedicated space eliminates distractions, enabling a focused and efficient exercise routine. You have the freedom to equip it with your choice of fitness equipment, from weights to cardio machines, without worrying about space constraints or noise disturbing others in your home.

Convenience and Privacy

Having a gym in your shed offers unparalleled convenience and privacy. You can work out on your own schedule without the need to commute to a public gym or adhere to its operating hours. This setup is especially beneficial for those with busy lifestyles or who prefer to exercise in solitude. The privacy of a home gym in a shed also provides a comfortable space for beginners or those working on personal fitness goals without the self-consciousness that sometimes comes with public gym environments.

Turn Your Shed into a Home Office

Distraction-Free Zone

Setting up a home office in a shed provides a serene, isolated environment away from the hustle and bustle of household activities. This separation helps in minimizing distractions, fostering a productive workspace where focus and efficiency can thrive. It's ideal for those needing to concentrate on work tasks, attend virtual meetings, or engage in creative endeavors without interruption.

Customizable Workspace

A shed offers a blank canvas that can be tailored to fit your specific office needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether you require a minimalist space with just a desk and a chair or a fully equipped office with shelves, storage, and technology setups, a shed can be customized to suit. This flexibility allows for a personalized office environment that can boost motivation and reflect your professional identity.

Portable Buildings of Alberta - Cabin Shed

Turn Your Shed into a Liveable Space

A Home Away from Home

Transforming a shed into a livable home space, guest house or cabin offers a cozy, personalized retreat tailored to your lifestyle needs. This dedicated area provides a private sanctuary away from the main house, perfect for relaxation or creative pursuits. You have the freedom to design and furnish it to your taste, from comfortable seating to essential amenities, creating a compact and charming living environment without the constraints of traditional home spaces.

Turn Your Shed into a Man Cave

Craft the Ultimate Man Cave Escape

Converting a shed into a man cave allows for the creation of a personalized retreat tailored to your leisure and entertainment preferences. This dedicated space offers a private sanctuary where you can unwind, engage in hobbies, or host game nights without disturbances. Equip it with your favourite amenities, from a big-screen TV and sound system to a well-stocked bar and comfy seating, crafting the ultimate haven for relaxation and fun right in your backyard.

Portable Buildings of Alberta - Man Cave