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Our lofted barns are the perfect versatile storage solution that feature an elevated loft area within the main structure. They are popular choices for homeowners and businesses looking for additional storage space or to use as a lofted barn cabin..

Whether you need extra storage space or a multifunctional structure, our lofted barns can be a great solution to meet your specific needs while adding value to your property.

We can custom design the perfect lofted barn that will meet your needs, or choose from some of our pre-made lofted barns available today!

Interested in add ons for your lofted barn? Check out our porch packages.

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Lofted Barns – Info and FAQ’S

What is a Lofted Barn

A lofted barn is a type of storage building that features an elevated or upper level, often referred to as a loft. This design allows for additional storage space without increasing the footprint of the barn itself.

The lofted area is typically accessible via a set of stairs or a ladder and can be used for storing items that aren’t needed on a regular basis.  By incorporating overhead lofts, it a great way to maximize the space. Some lofted barns even convert this space into a small living area or office.

The design of lofted barns can vary widely, with different styles and materials like a barn door, metal roof, floor joists, decor add-ons, and barn cabins, and can be used depending on the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of the owner.

Many standard features of a utility shed or cabin-style building are incorporated into a barn-style shed as well.  Barn cabins are generally the same, a cabin that looks more like a barn…or a barn that is outfitted to be a cabin.

What is a Barn Cabin?

A barn cabin, often also known as a “barn cabin” or “barn home”, typically refers to a style of architecture that blends the rustic charm of traditional barn structures with the comforts and amenities of a residential cabin or home.

These structures are often characterized by open and airy interiors, high ceilings, and large, visible wooden beams that mimic the appearance of old barns. They can vary in size and complexity, from small, simple cabins to large, multi-story homes. Many barn cabins are constructed using a method known as “post and beam” construction, which relies on heavy timbers rather than dimensional lumber.

The aesthetic of a barn cabin often leans towards the rustic, with wood finishes, exposed beamwork, and other design elements that evoke a sense of rural or country living. However, it’s also quite common to see these structures outfitted with modern amenities and high-end finishes for a unique blend of old and new.

They are particularly popular in rural settings or where there’s a desire to have a home that blends in with the natural environment. They are also often associated with a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to building, especially when constructed using reclaimed or locally-sourced materials.

What is a Lofted Barn Cabin?

A lofted barn cabin is a specific type of structure that combines the aesthetic of a traditional barn and cabin with the functionality of a loft for added space. This type of building is designed to maximize space efficiency while maintaining a rustic, country feel.

The “barn” aspect of the design refers to the style and layout, often characterized by a high, gabled roof and rustic elements, similar to the appearance of traditional farm barns. The “cabin” term denotes that it’s intended for habitation or use as a cozy retreat, much like a cabin in the woods.

The “lofted” part of the name refers to the inclusion of a loft space, which is essentially an open area in the upper part of the building, beneath the roof. This space can be used for a variety of purposes, such as additional storage, sleeping quarters, a home office, or even a living area. The loft is usually accessible by a ladder or stairs.

A lofted barn cabin is a popular choice for those looking for a unique, space-efficient home, guest house, or retreat that blends naturally into a rural or wooded setting. As with any building project, local zoning regulations and building codes should be taken into consideration.

How to get more storage space in your shed with a loft

Adding a loft to your utility shed or studio shed can be an effective way to increase storage space without expanding the building’s footprint. Here are the steps you might consider:

  1. Planning: Consider the items you plan to store in the loft. This will help you decide on the size, height, and weight capacity required. Be sure your shed’s structure can handle the additional weight. A structural engineer or experienced contractor can assist with this. Also, keep in mind that the placement of the loft should not interfere with the functionality of the rest of the shed.
  2. Design: Draw out your loft plan with exact measurements, including the height, width, depth, and location of your loft. The loft floor should be high enough to allow for headroom beneath it while providing ample storage space above.
  3. Materials: You will typically need 2x4s or 2x6s for framing, plywood for the floor, and a ladder or staircase for access. The type and thickness of the lumber used will depend on the loft’s size and the weight it needs to support.
  4. Building: Begin by cutting your wood to the required length based on your design. Build the frame of your loft, ensuring it is square. It will typically consist of a rectangular outer frame with cross beams for support. This frame can be secured to the walls of the shed. Then, cut and fit the plywood to create the floor of the loft.
  5. Safety Measures: Include a railing to prevent stored items from falling off, especially if you have high sidewalls. Add a sturdy ladder or small staircase for safe access. Ensure the loft floor is strong enough to safely bear the weight of stored items.
  6. Organization: Use storage containers or install shelving units within the loft to keep items organized. Be mindful of the weight distribution on the loft floor.

Remember, if you’re not confident in your carpentry skills, hiring a professional may be the safest and most efficient route to add a loft to your shed. Always ensure you’re following any local building codes or regulations when undertaking such a project.

Are there any add ons for the lofted barn cabin?

Yes, there are add ons offered for the lofted barn cabin. We have a porch package which offers numerous benefits, including expanded outdoor living space, protection from the elements, customizable features, and the potential to enhance your property’s value. By incorporating a porch into your portable lofted barn, you can transform it into a versatile and welcoming outdoor haven, allowing you to unwind and appreciate the natural splendor of your environment.